Technology Gateways

The SEAM Gateway based in WIT is part of the Technology Gateway Network, supported by Enterprise Ireland, a nationwide resource for industry based in the IoTs delivering solutions on near to market problems for industrial partners.   SEAM is one of Ireland’s leadingTechnology Gateways and offers the following key supports for industry:

  • X-Ray Micro-tomography (XMT): 3D Non destructive characterisation;
  • Finite Element Analysis: 3D Software Modelling;
  • Materials & Precision Engineering: engineering design & characterisation;
  • Bio Medical Engineering: Development of Novel materials.

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SEAM have a proven track record of delivering for industry, having executed over 2000 direct funded industry projects spanning across over 180 companies since its launch in 2009. Find out how industry has benefited from working with the SEAM Gateway.

For more information contact the SEAM Gateway Manager: Ramesh Raghavenrda,

Technology Gateway Videos

Nypro Healthcare comments on their successful collaborations with SEAM at the 2014 Technology Gateway industry showcase.

Mincon Mining Equipment Inc have benefited from participation with SEAM. They design, manufacture and produce a range of percussive rock drilling tools for drilling in mining applications. Recently such tools were used in the Chilean miners rescue.

“Within the industry there would be a percentage of failures that you would expect in operation maybe 4%. We wanted to reduce that failure down to 2%. We needed to get some expertise in. Enterprise Ireland recommended SEAM. It was money well spent”