Case Studies

Sulzer Pumps Ireland & SEAM Gateway WIT

‘Re-design of the impeller and shaft section of a submersible pumping system’.

Sulzer Pumps Ireland based in Wexford has a wide range of pump manufacturing capabilities including machining, assembly, motor winding, packaging and shipping of submersible pumps ranging from 100 W to 52 kW from the submersible wastewater segment.   There is a Product research and development team located on site and the plant in Wexford is home to a state-of-the-art product testing facility.  The facility in Wexford has a long tradition in manufacturing wastewater pumps since 1973 and it has developed into the largest producer of submersible pumps of the ABS product brand.  The Wexford facility currently employs 270 people. Sulzer Ireland have collaborated with the SEAM Gateway in WIT on a number of notable projects such as the redesign of the impeller and shaft section for their range of submersible pumping systems. SEAM undertook FEA analysis on the current design before proceeding on to investigating a number of design options before selecting the most suitable solution to provide improved life time of the shaft component. Validation of the finalised design is currently ongoing at Sulzer. The partnership provided Sulzer with access and expertise to expensive computer simulation software which is greatly more cost effective than having such facilities in house. The collaboration with SEAM has provided Sulzer the opportunity to refine and fully explore design concepts without the cost of building full scale prototypes.