Nypro Healthcare

Title: Materials Characterisation-‘Utilising non-destructive 3D characterisation techniques and materials engineering to assist in biomedical device manufacture’

Nypro Healthcare, a recognised leader in the development and manufacture of complex drug delivery and diagnostic devices been in Bray Co. Wicklow since 1980.  Nypro Healthcare is to establish an additional state of the art medical device manufacturing facility in Waterford which will result in the creation of over 200 new high quality jobs in phase 1 which is expected to increase in subsequent years.  Nypro’s new facility will manufacture advanced respiratory and injectable devices for global healthcare and pharmaceutical customers
Nypro Healthcare and the SEAM Gateway in WIT has developed an ongoing relationship whereby SEAM actively supports the Device Development Support (DDS) design engineering group in Nypro Healthcare in improving product design and efficiency with its suite of characterisation equipment and materials engineering expertise.  A critical part of this technology support is the utilisation of SEAM X-Ray Microtomography which can provide non-destructive 3D images of moulded components and nominal comparisons with the original CADs.  In combination with polymer characterisation techniques such as DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry),TGA (Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis) and SEM-EDX (Scanning Electron Microscopy with Energy Dispersive Analyser), SEAM have helped Nypro Healthcare to undertake root cause investigations into optimising manufacturing process and product design solutions for their portfolio of drug delivery and diagnostic devices.

Client Testimonial:
"Nypro Healthcare have found SEAM to be a valuable and flexible resource in providing X-Ray Microtomography in the development of measuring complex CAD geometry within plastic components. This service has resulted in reduced early stage development time, cost and shorter metrology lead times, in some situations, when compared to the conventional methods of metrology utilised in injection moulding."

In addition, given SEAM’s location in the South-East of Ireland this has also benefitted Nypro Healthcare as moulding can be quickly be sent to SEAM for quick turnaround of X-Ray Microtomography requirements.

Nypro Healthcare expect to develop and continue to use this excellent service provided by SEAM into the near further for next generation projects.