Sulzer Pumps Ireland

‘SULZER’s contact with SEAM began in September 2015 with the re-design of a rotorshaft on the XFP PE3 submersible, solids-handling sewage pump. This is the second largest pump built at the SULZER plant in Wexford with  P2 of 22kW.  Each report from SEAM contained analysis, inferences and recommendations which is a great benefit to the customer and truly collaborative. Throughout the process there have been helpful discussions and exchanges of information as required, avoiding delay. SEAM provide a complete materials investigation, design support and failure analysis service’.  Ben Breen- Technical Manager

Schivo Precision Engineering Group (Jonathan Downey, Projects Manager):

“Schivo initially engaged with SEAM on some short term projects involving material analysis issues and process improvement challenges. Following these successful interactions we realised that we had an excellent resource available in terms of technological equipment capability, coupled with the impressive expertise of Ramesh and his team. Since then we have engaged with SEAM on regional (EI Innovation vouchers), national (EI/IDA backed) and International (EU-FP7) projects.

We view SEAM as a complimentary extension to our business. As well as being a benefit to our existing customers, our access to SEAM supports Schivo’s continual expansion to new markets and technologies. The most recent 3D metal printing collaboration with SEAM is a testament to this” 

Honeywell Turbo Technologies (Mr. Paul Colfer, Quality Lab Manager):

Honeywell Turbo engage with SEAM on a regular basis in the areas of product failure analysis and materials characterization.  Access to the knowledge and equipment capabilities at SEAM has proven to be highly advantageous and has enabled us to expedite issue resolution and reduce time to closure on quality issues.  We use a wide range of the capabilities available at SEAM in particular VTOMEX L 300 XMT and SEM/EDX analysis.  We have on a number of occasions visited SEAM with overseas visitors and the feedback has always been highly positive.   The staff at SEAM are highly knowledgeable and always complete analysis and reporting to a very high standard.  We look forward to working with SEAM into the future and view SEAM as a key enabler in our ongoing efforts in product improvement and development.

Bausch and Lomb (Kevin Fahy, Principal Engineer R&D):

“Contact lens' manufacture is competitive, which puts big demands on efficiency and yield. The work carried out by SEAM, using advanced microscopy, challenged and completely changed our perception of what drives lens de-molding yield. Armed with a hypothesis, we developed tool treatments which minimised scratch damage while achieving "good" nano level texture. We are now, for the first time, making new tools which yield 90-95% versus  the previous new tool range of 50-70%. Through the dedication and expertise of Ramesh and his team, we have resolved a serious Cost of Quality problem, which had persisted since the inception of this manufacturing process, almost a decade ago. The growth in our understanding of the fundamental science is particularly welcome,  as we look forward to further improvement opportunities.”

Teva Pharamceuticals Ireland

“SEAM Research Centre have played an important role in the development of pharmaceutical drug delivery platforms produced by Teva Pharmaceuticals Ireland. As Teva is working to tight deadlines in a very competitive market, the SEAM research centre has proven to have substantial knowledge to meet our requirements with the ability to deliver in-depth knowledge with fast turnaround times.  It is extremely important to Teva as a global organisation to have this facility in a close proximity of its site in Waterford. It has driven investment into Teva Waterford including new development projects which has led the Teva global to appoint Waterford as a centre of excellence for the development of drug delivery platforms”

Nypro Healthcare

"Nypro Healthcare have found SEAM to be a valuable and flexible resource in providing X-Ray Microtomography in the development of measuring complex CAD geometry within plastic components. This service has resulted in reduced early stage development time, cost and shorter metrology lead times, in some situations, when compared to the conventional methods of metrology utilised in injection moulding."

Mincon International (Mr. Joe Purcell, Technical Director):

“We are extremely satisfied with the work carried out by SEAM and have implemented product changes as a result of findings,” he said. “The result is an overall improvement in product performance, which has contributed to increased sales of 30 per cent for 2012.”