Impact and Blast Analysis

Short duration high energy events such as impacts and blasts are assessed using the explicit dynamic analysis finite element technique. These events often involve contact between various bodies, large displacements, and material failure. Applications for explicit dynamic analysis include:

  • Crash simulation
    • The¬†automotive and rail industries use crash simulation in order to ensure designs meet crashworthiness standards.
  • Drop test simulation
    • A virtual drop test can be conducted, eliminating the need to test many physical prototypes during the design phase.
  • Simulation of manufacturing operations
    • Explicit dynamic analysis is used to predict residual stresses in machined or press formed parts.
  • Blast simulation
    • The effects of an explosion on the integrity of nearby structures can be simulated.
  • Projectile impact simulation
    • A simulation of a projectile impact can simulate the damage to both the projectile and target, for example damage sustained by a birdstrike on an aeroplane or the depth of penetration of a bullet into armour.
  • Problems involving a large degree of contact
    • Explicit dynamic analysis can easily handle complex interactions resulting from contact between bodies. This is useful when simulating an assembly composed of many separate parts such as an engine.

Explicit Dynamic Analysis Simulation of Stresses at Impact