Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis is used to predict temperature distributions and heat flows within structures subjected to a thermal loading. Structural stresses resulting from thermal loading can be predicted when thermal results are coupled with a structural analysis. Residual stresses left behind in the structure after the thermal load has been removed can be quantified and are important for predicting fatigue life.

In order to predict how fluid or air flow around a part influences its cooling, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), can be used to charaterise the flow and predict heat transfer rates.

Applications for thermal analysis typically include heat exchangers, heat sinks, and electronic components.

Heat Sink.pngHeat Sink Stress.png

Heatsink Temperatures (Left) and Resulting Structural Stresses (Right)

18 Ic Package - modif.jpg18 Ic Package vm - modif.jpg

Microchip Temperatures (Left) and Resulting Structural Stresses (Right)