Mechanical Testing

Capabilities: Destructive testing of materials

Uses: Capable of accurately meaMechanical Testing.pngsuring load using two load cells; 1 KN and 100 KN. The 100 KN machine comes complete with blue hill 2.0 software capable of complex test methods and data acquisition. This machine includes a temperature controlled chamber that can sustain a stable environment between -100° C to 350° C.

Equipment Make: Instron

Equipment Model: Instron 430I screw driven machine and an Instron 8801 hydraulic driven machine with a temperature controlled chamber 3119-406.

Problems addressed: Experienced in testing a wide range of material samples including metallic, polymer, and composite. Samples are destructively tested to gain an accurate understanding of material properties.

Advantages: This characterisation technique can quickly determine a materials stress-strain curve as well as failure loads under low to medium temperature conditions.