Microwave Processing

Capabilities: Homogeneous specific volumetric heating up to 400°C.

Equipment Make: VotschMicrowave Processing.png

Problems addressed: Heating, drying and hardening.

Advantages: Shorter heating, process, and cooling times compared to conventional methods, as a result of which energy is saved. The products only are heated by the microwave. The furnace chamber itself is not heated and does not have to be cooled down. Use of metal parts, e. g. conventional metal tools and feeding systems, in the microwave field. 

Specific, volumetric heating of products: Microwaves penetrate into the material directly and heat the product. As a result, heating rates and throughput can be increased considerably.

High product quality by sufficient homogeneity of the microwave fields: Thanks to the use of thermoelectric foils additional positive effects and material characteristics are achieved. The systems designed extend from the laboratory up to the large scale that is needed in e. g. aircraft industry.