Spray Drying

Capabilities: For use in applications that range from aseptic pharmaceutical processing, ceramic powder production, food powder production: milk powder, coffee, tea, eggs, cereal, spices, flavoring etc. Drying of solutions, emulsions, suspensions, microencapsulation, coating, spray crystallization, taste masking, agglomeration.

Equipment Make: BUCHI

Equipment Model: BUCHI MINI B191

Spray Dryer.jpg

Advantages: Drying capacity = 1000 ml/hr, Efficient and economic than lyophilizer. The actual spray drying process is very rapid, with the major portion of evaporation taking place in less than a few seconds.

Adaptable to fully automated control system that allows continuous monitoring and recording of very large number of process variables simultaneously. It can be used with both heat-resistant and heat sensitive products. Offers high precision control over Particle size, Bulk density, Degree of crystallinity, organic volatile impurities and residual solvents. Powder quality remains constant during the entire run of the dryer. Nearly spherical particles can be produced, uniform in size and frequently hollow, thus reducing the bulk density of the product.